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We Build Up... And We Build Out

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"God put this program in our hearts years ago. And now...we are continuing to fulfill the mission of BBLI, "To Build Great Character, and To Build Great Leaders". It has been such a blessing to see the impact that this program has made in the community, and we are looking forward to all that God is going to do for BBLI & BK in the coming years!"

It all started with a realization from our Co-Founders, Pastors Jamane & Alecia Williams, over 5 years ago... "They're Missing Something". Noticing the state of the youth in our community, and the gaps that needed to be filled in their lives, they came to a decision. We need to "Bridge the Gap"! 

Now serving over 100 students and their families across both of our afterschool programs, we are doing just that. 

We are "Bridging the Gap" in the areas of academics, leadership training, family assistance, fighting food insecurity, and so many more! Our programs run all year long, with hours that are meant to bless our working families! 

We now have countless success stories from students, parents, teachers, and volunteers who have all alike been blessed by this organization. 

Our program benefits the very low to moderate-income population in Pearl, and we commit to KEEP IT FREE!

Parent & Student Testimonials

"I love that this facility is so welcoming and loving. My son came home from the first day begging to stay longer from now on! I love how much fun and inspiration he is having/receiving. We're extremely grateful for BK!"
"BBLI and BK is a blessing to my family! I love how my kids have formed relationships with their friends and the staff! I also know that they are learning social and leadership skills for their future. "
"We have enjoyed all the support this program has offered. The kids have gained additional family over the years. Thank you for all you do!!!"

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How We Do It... 

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Accelerating Students Learning and Growth

Faith Building and Discipleship

Promoting Healthy Futures

  • Physical Activity is a key component of our daily routine, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and is a positive source of enrichment for our students.

  • Healthy Eating - We serve a USDA-approved healthy snack to every student daily, addressing several areas of food insecurity

  • Homework Assistance & STEM Learning Opportunities are provided to every student by volunteers and employees daily and will be enhanced through a secured grant from Centerpoint Energy that will enable us to offer one-on-one tutorial assistance to our students.

  • College & Career Planning Assistance is provided on an individual basis for every student of our program. Also, we hold a weekly college and career day where successful individuals (30+ to date) from various professions in our community present the skills, education, and perseverance needed to thrive in their field.

  • Mentorship with established professionals and community leaders happens on a weekly basis. Students engage in discussion of targeted, relevant subject matter in small group sessions with their assigned mentor.

  • Pastor Jamane & Alecia have built an all new & comprehensive bible curriculum for our students. Every week, they are taught a story of the bible and are encourage on how they can apply the lessoned learned to their daily expericendes. This curriculum is built to be an easy to understand __ for our students to learn more about the gospel. 

  • Daily Confessions and Prayer is the first item on our schedule each day. Our students recite the daily encouraging confession together, and then we have a student led prayer before enjoying snack. 

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